French students get acquainted with Cuban blockade

FotosPL: Ileana Piñeiro

Paris, Feb 20 (Prensa Latina) Cuban ambassador in France, Elio Rodriguez, spoke to international relations students about the impact caused on Cuba by the hostility of the United States government and its blockade.

During an invitation to a meeting with students and professors of the Free Institute of International Relations Studies to speak about the characteristics of Cuba’s foreign policy, Rodriguez said that the blockade is the main obstacle for the development of Cuba.

The diplomat shared with the audience the difficulties caused by Washington’s measures in the Cubans’ everyday lives, in sensitive sectors for any country such as health care and education. Also, the financial persecution of Cuba’s operations, including penalty fees to European banks, among them France.

Despite this decades-long aggression from US successive governments, there is no hatred towards the US people, and we keep the will to have links of respect and a treatment between equals, stemming from sovereignty and self-determination, he said.


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