French org asks to raise European pressure against blockade on Cuba

French org asks to raise European pressure against blockade on Cuba

Paris, Jan 29 (Prensa Latina) The Cuba Cooperation France Association (CubaCoop) called on Friday to raise pressure in Europe to end the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Caribbean nation, a policy described as unjustifiable.

‘Let us remain vigilant and continue the fight along with the friends of Cuba and intervene before French and European authorities so that the pressure leads to lifting the blockade,’ the association founded in 1995 stressed on its weekly publication La lettre electronique Hebdo.

In the text, it reiterated its denunciation of the devastating impact of the siege in force for six decades on the economy, trade the welfare of the Cuban people.

CubaCoop described such hostility as unjustifiable and infamous, tightened with more than 230 measures adopted by the administration of former President Donald Trump, who ended his term on January 20.

Trump’s leaving office should boost us to intensify our battle, so that President Joe Biden can resume the path of the bilateral rapprochement, bet on normal and respectful relations, and finally lift this blockade that has long lasted, it stated.

The association involved in dozens of cooperation projects on Cuba highlighted the January 24 mobilization in the nearby area of the Eiffel Tower, where more than 100 people, despite the weather, demanded an immediate end to the blockade.

Regarding the current Covid-19 scenario, CubaCoop recognized Cuba’s efforts fighting the pandemic, particularly its work with four vaccine candidates, as a result of its achievements in biotechnology.


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