French movement condemns new media show against Cuba

Paris, Feb 26 (Prensa Latina) Cuba Linda French association on Friday condemned a new media show against the country, and assured that the manipulation of the US empire’s hirelings cannot deceive the peoples. Nobody represents more life than Cuba, since the country strives to save lives all over the world with its doctors, warned in a statement rejecting an event arranged on social networks, falsely presented as a forum of the European Parliament, only because two of its 705 legislators lent their name to the provocation.

The association considered the meeting convened to attack the Revolution using as slogan the song ‘Patria y Vida’ (Homeland and Life), a theme with which some pretend to change the slogan ‘Patria o Muerte’ (Homeland or Death).

Artists and characters linked to the anti-Cuban extreme right in Miami want unsuccessfully to manipulate and lead the country’s youth to forget the history of aggressions that gave rise to the ‘Homeland or Death’ proclamation, the movement referred.

Cuba Linda stressed that the Cuban revolution is life and the slogan of its people is the will to defend the path chosen in a sovereign manner by millions.


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