French Film Festival Ends in Cuba

Havana, April 22 (Prensa Latina) French Film Festival ends here today although some of its films will be shown until the end of April at the Cinemateca de Cuba in this Caribbean country.

During two weeks about 24 titles included three documentaries, five motion films and one cartoon were shown and for the first time the festival was extended to 11 provinces of the country.

Nos vemos allá arriba( see you in heaven) by Albert Dupontel; Un sol interior(An interior sun) by de Claire Denis; La melodía( melody) by Rachid Hami; El reencuentro(reuniting)by Martin Prouvost; Algo celosa (some jealous ) by David Foenkinos and Stéphane Foenkinos;Paso a paso(step by step) by Grand Corp Malade and Mehdi Idir and El amante doble(double lover) by Francois Ozon were some of those shown in the premiere of this edition.

An important delegation of French directors and performers presented their works in the festival, among them the well known actor Pierre Richard, as well as the actors Rouve and Kad Merad,the actress Audrey Dana and the film directors Claire Dennis, Foekinos and Mehdi Idir, and the producer Oliver Delbosc.

The oldest operating film company, Gaumont, exhibited in the Cuban capital movies Chaplin, 23 y 12 and La Rampa, a collection of pictures and posters of this production and distribution film company, created in 1895.

This way, Cuba has been the first country in Latin America in holding the exhibition which was opened in Paris in 2015 and then made a tour trough Asia.

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