Fraternity and Medicine before a Pandemic of Inequalities

Fraternity and Medicine before a Pandemic of Inequalities

Feb 15 (Radio Rebelde) The covid-19 shows a face of a sick world and not only due to the virus. Francis Pope stated in a speech before the diplomatic body at the Holy See. The Pope stated before all the ones present, and the Epidemic unveiled the dangers and consequences of a way of life ruled by selfishness, and the related culture when we need solidarity, above all.

“Consider the fraternity as the true remedy against the Pandemic and many scourges which have struck us. Fraternity and hope are like medicines that the current world, along with the vaccines.” He said.

The Pope´s words are somehow added to the demand of those ones who have carried out a kind of global warning before the deaf ears of the ones carrying out many selfish actions without the least decency. The president of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, recently warned about the existence of a career among big and powerful pharmaceuticals through a kind of frenzied acquisition to take advantage of the new vaccines market by guaranteeing their populations and leaving behind the poorest of the planet.

Only the one percent of the world population has been vaccinated and the ´nationalism ‘of vaccines trend is currently a reality that affects all, and unveils a kind of radiography which reveals deep cracks in our societies through deep inequalities.

In the first world, for instance, some nations have already bought more dosages than the ones they need. The poorest nations continue to wait that they, which are the ones keeping the related resources, stop that tendency.

The word Fraternity that was used by the Pope and backed by the WHO´s president seems to be the first victim before the selfishness caused by a Pandemic. Cuba, on the other hand, keeps providing humanitarian help and fighting for life.

At present, there are 38 medical brigades of the Henry Reeve international medical brigade contributing with its efforts through 26 countries before the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus.

In South Africa, for instance, a Cuban medical brigade faces the covid-19 and its most viral strain. Doctor Jesús Expósito Pérez, who is specialist in General Medicine and a university Diploma in Medical Emergency, told us about his efforts and his fight for life.

“I have the privilege to be part of a medical brigade of the Henry Reeve one, along with all the service that they provide, given their many medical interventions before difficult situations of disasters and epidemiological ones, including the Ebola disease here in the African continent, for instance.” He said.

“We got to the month of April when the covid-19 was starting in South Africa. It was a difficult time as it was a new disease for the world. There were many expectations and different treatments, opinions, doubts…So we got here in that situation and we began working at a covid-19 ward, and we have had to treat serious patients, critical ones. It has been an interesting experience and very professional from the human point of view.” He said.

“Right now, I have a deep satisfaction because after 34 days a young woman, aged 27 and suffering from bronchopneumonia and reported in critical condition for a week, we discharged her and she returned to her house.” He said.

“Among tears, she thanked us. That is my highest pride. She has three children who are waiting for her, and that is the great award to me in terms of my spiritual peace.” He said.

To the words of that doctor named Jesús Expósito, I was allowed to add the ones said by doctor Reynaldo Denis de Armas, who is the coordinator of the medical brigade, and stated to us that nearly 400 collaborators are part of the medical mission in South Africa, and they work in all the provinces of that nation.

“The results of the Henry Reeve medical brigade from its arrival in that nation are very admirable.” Doctor Reynaldo states.

He reaffirms that over 88.000 patients were treated, and it has been carried out more than 21300 nursery work with 674 saved lives, and an average 46.1% of the collaborators who have been providing their services in the red zone.

That work has been valued by the governmental authorities. Cyril Ramaphosa who is the president of South Africa while talking to the nation on Tv, highlighted the help provided by the people of Cuba to his nation in the health sphere, and announced the proposal of the International Henry Reeve medical brigade for the Nobel Peace Price in 2021.

Until the year 2020, nine thousand health workers were part of the medical work that provided assistance to four million people, and their lives were saved to more than 89000 in 46 nations.  They made it in almost all the continents, especially in Latin America and Africa and in nations so poor such as Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Haiti, among others.

Cuba is the leader of the world solidarity, and no one doubt it, the Cuban doctors keep saving lives and reminder us through their current work in the XXI century, the love for the loved one and the Fraternity, that one is the one referred by the Pope, which are the categorical pillar so that mankind achieves to win the battle before the selfishness in the middle of the global health emergency.

“I encourage all the states to contribute actively with the international initiatives devoted to state the equitable distribution of the vaccines, and not through merely economic criteria, taking into account the needs of all in particular, the less favorable populations.” He said.

Pope Francis .

By Zenaida Costales Pérez and Jorge Luis Ríos

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