France recognizes Cuba’s commitment to human rights

Paris, Mar 5 (Prensa Latina) The Association Cuba Cooperation France (CubaCoop) on Thursday acknowledged the Cuban Government’s commitment to human rights and rejected they are used to attack it.

This is a frequently used issue to criticize Cuba, but we have demonstrated in many articles that Cuba has no lessons to receive about this issue, said CubaCoop, founded in 1995 to promote friendship and solidarity with the Caribbean island, in its weekly digital newsletter.

CubaCoop denounced the use by the United States of human rights issue as a justification to impose its criminal blockade, despite lacking morality for it.

Let’s take for example health, a well linked issue nowadays (when the world is facing the progress of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak), which is accessible and free for the entire Cuban population, where there are more doctors per inhabitants than anywhere else, and twice than in France, he said.

According to CubaCoop vice president Michel Humbert, who signs the text, one of the internationally recognized strengths of Cuban medicine is focused on prevention, to which others, including the production of own drugs, including one tested in China to face the COVID-19 epidemic, also join.

CubaCoop also denounced the crusade of the administration of US President Donald Trump against the Cuban medical collaboration in southern nations.

The association considered Cuba’s commitment to human rights one more reason to combat the economic, commercial and financial blockade that slows its development.


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