France Demands the End of US Blockade on Cuba

Paris, Oct 8. -The French Coordinator of Solidarity with Cuba called for the end of the blockade of the United States against that Caribbean nation, which for more than 50 years affects all social sectors and stops their economic development.

This was indicated in a statement released today by the diverse associations that compose the coordinator, which met this weekend in the town of Boulzac, in central France.

In the text, activists pointed out that this hostile policy “affects all sectors, public health, education, culture…, so that no sphere of everyday life escapes from its negative impact.”

They also indicated that due to their extraterritorial nature, “the permanent persecution of Cuban financial transactions and banking and credit operations with Cuba on a global scale is intensifying, causing serious damage to the country’s economy.”

The coordinator expressed the firm condemnation “to this cruel blockade which, not happy with beating the population, mocks the law and rules of international trade, imposes rules on the world’s relationships with Cuba and infringes the fundamental principles of United Nations Charter.”

On the other hand, the statement issued after the meeting also demanded the return to Cuba of the territory of the Guantánamo naval base, which was illegally occupied by the United States.

They also advocated the end of North American funding for political interference and destabilization programs, as well as counter-revolutionary groups.

The activists considered necessary that “the United States compensates Cuba for the economic and human damage caused to the Cuban people with the blockade, and with all the aggressions committed for more than 50 years”.

The coordinator also spoke out to condemn Washington’s policy of imperialist interference to Latin America and its new neoliberal Offensive.

“We sympathize with those peoples of Latin America struggling for self-determination,” they said.

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