France demands EU to give up hostility towards Venezuela

Paris, Nov 25 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivarian Circle of Paris demanded today that the European Union (EU) abandon the aggressive policy imposed by the United States against Venezuela and respect the parliamentary elections in the South American country.

The EU does not want to acknowledge its mistakes of not acting in accordance with the respect to the constitutions of each country and acting without sovereignty, by submitting to the pressure of the US foreign policy and in particular of the Donald Trump government, it warned in a communiqué.

In this sense, he reiterated the right of Venezuelans to elect at the polls their representatives on December 6 in a legitimate and democratic manner through a secret and universal vote, even when other institutions or governments do not want to recognize it.

Personalities and citizens from all over the world demand respect for this right, which is embodied in the 1999 Constitution, approved in a referendum by a large majority and defended by the sovereign people and the Bolivarian government, underlined the organization’s solidarity with Latin American causes. According to the Bolivarian Circle of Paris, among the calls made in relation to these elections, those made to the EU and its institutions to leave aside arrogant and neo-colonialist positions and interference in Latin America stand out.

In his declaration, he specified that it is up to Venezuelans to resolve the problems, difficulties and differences of their country, without interference or unilateral and illegal external measures.

The Venezuelan people have a great feeling of homeland and are capable with their intelligence, conscience and autonomy to find solutions, he insisted.

Like the EU member states, Venezuela is a member of the UN, whose charter establishes the same duties and rights, so why this interference and unilateral actions against the South American country, he questioned.


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