France Appreciates Role of Cuba to Advance Climate Summit in Paris

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Havana, October 30 (Prensa Latina) The French Ambassador to Cuba, Jean-Marie Bruno, highlighted today the contribution of Cuba to advance to the next UN Conference on Climate cop21 to be held in December in Paris.

“Cuba has been an important partner in the preparation of this conference, as part of a series of regional groupings such as the Association of Small Island States and the Latin American and Caribbean environment”, the European diplomat said in an interview with Press America at the headquarters of his representation in Havana.

The Greater Antilles, he said, has a significant influence over many nations that is highly valued in order to be able to reach a consensus in the COP, which has the enormous challenge of curbing climate change that threatens all societies and economies in the world.

Paris hopes, Bruno said, that the upcoming climate summit enters an ambitious agreement that meets obligations and allow limiting the increase in temperatures on Earth within two degrees Celsius.

He recalled that recently the French President, Francois Hollande, organized in the Caribbean a regional summit of Heads of State and Government, held in the island of Martinique, from which it was thanked the Cuban participation.

Relations with Cuba, he continued, are important and intense, and France values the role of the Caribbean country to facilitate an agreement that ensures the future of human life on the planet for future generations.

France has sought to encourage the preparatory work for the Climate Conference, he stressed, and as a member of the European Union, has a definite position on ambitious goals and wants to be a model in limiting the emission of greenhouse gases, as well as an example to other industrial countries.

As future presidency COP21, France is committed to creating an environment that facilitates discussion to reach a consensus, knowing the different interests depending on the characteristics of each nation, he said.

The European country organized a series of informal preparatory meetings for the COP21, allowing the strategies of the different states and also show areas where there may be consensus, and where progress is still needed.

One of these preliminary informal meetings at the level of ministers of environment, he said, will take place within a week in Paris, and will be another way to get closer positions.

The conference will begin with a summit of heads of State and Government, since they are who have to give political impetus to the negotiators so that they can achieve progress on the issue, said the French ambassador.

In just one month, representatives of all countries will seek universal agreement at the Conference of the Framework Convention on Climate Change United Nations COP21 in Paris.

The main objective is to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases so as not to affect ecosystems and life on the planet.

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