Fourth Venezuelan Ship Carrying Hurricane Aid Arrives in Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 17 (Prensa Latina) The T 62 ship, of the Bolivarian Navy, arrived today at Guillermon Moncada port in Santiago de Cuba.

This is the fourth Venezuelan ship that has arrived with aid for mitigating the damages caused by Hurricane Mattew in the estern part of Cuba.

The ship brought nearly 579 tons of different construction materials, mainly cables, painting, windows, sanitary fittings, tools and around 5,000 square meters of roof covering, which will be of help in the construction of houses.

The captain of the ship, Henry Javier Gamarra, commander of the T 62, said that this load is full of love, solidarity and patriotism, and will help to solve the housing situation and other problems caused by the hurricane on last October 4th.

Neuris Acuna, representing the political leadership of the territory, thanked on behalf of the Cubans and the inhabitants of the province of Guantanamo this gesture of the Venezuelan government and people.

Since October 13, Venezuelan aid has been arriving in Cuba through this port.

In the municipality of Maisi, in eastern Cuba, began the construction works of more than 500 petro-houses as a result of the collaboration with Venezuela, along with others that will be built as part of the Bolivarian project ‘Barrio Nuevo Tricolor’, which aims at improving the housing infrastructure system.

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