Former U.S. Officers Alert Trump on Venezuela

Washington, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) Former US intelligence officers and national security professionals warned President Donald Trump about his policy toward Venezuela and not falling into the trap of aggression.

A statement from the group addressed to the president points out that the policies of the White House towards Caracas ‘seem to be on a slippery slope that can lead to war in that country and a military confrontation with Russia.’ 

With decades of experience, the signatories exhort the president not to go so far as to adopt a catastrophic military action in response to civil disturbance in Venezuela or to Russian activities in the Western Hemisphere.

They underline that US actions within Venezuela only succeeded in deepening the crisis, causing greater human suffering and increasing the likelihood of violence on a national scale.

They emphasize that Trump receives erroneous advice from his main advisers – Senator Marco Rubio, National Security Adviser John Bolton, Special Envoy Elliott Abrams and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – about his policy towards the South American nation.

His government’s strategy of punishing the Venezuelan people, including, apparently, leaving it without electricity, seems based on the false presumption that the crisis will cause a blow to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro, they add.

In other parts, the text discredits attacks against the collaboration of Cubans in Venezuela.

In addition, they specify Washington’s threats undermined any will that Cuba could have to contribute to a regional solution to the Venezuelan crisis as it did in similar situations, for example, in the recent Colombian peace process.

The signatories, among whom are former intelligence officials, analysts from the CIA and the State Department, among others, underscore that the most dangerous, however, are the aggressive statements about Russian involvement with Venezuela.

As intelligence agents and security experts, ‘we believe that to go on quarreling lawsuits, such as toppling governments, blocking the negotiation of agreements and threatening the sovereign right of other governments to carry out activities that do not threaten our national security, is rarely prudent’.

On Russia’s aid to Venezuela they warn that challenging that country ‘could easily lead to a confrontation of much greater consequence’.

The best way to prevent a dangerous miscalculation, they point out, would be for you to speak directly with President (Vladimir) Putin. The energies of Washington would be better employed in clarifying differences, adjusting failed policies and promoting a peaceful resolution in Venezuela.


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