Filmmaker Costa Gavras: to make movies, above all, ethics

HAVANA, Cuba, May 5 (acn) Cinema needs primarily ethics, then the drama and style, said today the prestigious French Greek filmmaker Costa Gavras in a dialogue with students from the International Cinema School of San Antonio de Los Banos (EICTV by its Spanish acronym).

The director said that ethics must be taken into account when dealing with characters and events, whether historical or social issues, and added that he understands politics as their Greek etymological root -polis-, meaning city and that is about how people relate to each other.

When talking about the style he stated that it is varying and history to tell is what dictates it, and referring to his filmography he noted that some speak of a political program but actually is based on his personal, social and politic interests.

On his link with EICTV he recalled that are formidable, and that this is the third occasion he comes to Cuba and with emotion referred to those workshops with Gabriel García Márquez in which they made a screenplay from a literary work or story.

He said that Cuban cinema after the triumph of the Revolution really interested him by its quality, because along with the Algerian one, were at that time the countries which could develop a truly national cinema.

He added that he was a friend of Alfredo Guevara and has closely followed the Cuban cinema from that stage.

About the Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana he said it is very important for the chance for creators to share experiences and catch up on what is done in other countries.

However, he considered that it should be extended to other cities.

On the current situation of cinema he said that for example in France, the US industry covers 50 percent of what is seen and regarding digital technologies they are running the risk that movie transnational to control it all and to create a “neo-culture “very risky for humanity.


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