Fifty Four Percent of Cuba’s 2015 Budget Went to Health and Education

Havana.- Fifty four percent of Cuba’s budget expenditures in 2015 concentrated on the health and education sectors, said on Friday in Parliament the Minister of Finance and Prices, Lina Pedraza.

At Havana’s Convention Center, venue of the plenary meeting of the Seventh Regular Session of the Eighth Legislature of the National Assembly of the People’s Power, the Minister pointed out that last year the basic social services received by the population were guaranteed, Cubasi reported on July 9.

Solutions to the demands of the primary health care system and its health care institutions were found, said Pedraza, who noted that works were also carried out in sanitation and the elimination of vectors, in the face of various epidemiological events.

These statements were confirmed in the parliamentary report on the liquidation of the state budget in 2015, which states that resources approved for social security allowed to cover one million 675,225 retirees, with an increase of the average pension.

According to the text, 1.7 billion pesos were allocated -44 million dollars- to subsidize individuals in housing construction work, although lawmakers considered that there was lack of dynamism to materialize that process.

In that regard, Pedraza pointed out that actions of preservation and restoration of housing were carried out, as part of the policy devised to gradually reverse the state of housing fund.

Similarly, she added, subsidies to maintain prices of the rationed family shopping basket were guaranteed. (acn), July 9, 2016

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