Fifth Encounter of Women Artists opens in Cuba

Havana,  (Prensa Latina) The screening of the documentary ‘Confidencia,’ by Peruvian filmmaker Marta Luna, opened the ‘Angel y Habanera’ Fifth Encounter of Women Artists.

The event runs through January 11 in this capital and will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Peruvian folklorist singer Chabuca Granda (1920-1983), whose most famous song worldwide remains ‘La flor de canela’ (The Cinnamon Flower).

The Animation Studios of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry hosted the screening of ‘Confidencia,’ which looks at the life of Granda.

Every year, Cuban singer-songwriter Liuba Maria Hevia organizes this initiative together with her project ‘Alma Creadora’ (Creative Soul), in order to offer opportunities to several generations of women musicians to promote their work and rescue songs that should never be lost.

As part of the event, a concert by Annie Garces, Jade duet, Veronica Cruz and Liuba Maria Hevia will take place at the Ciervo Encantado Theater on January 10, and will feature as a special guest Colombian singer-songwriter Marta Gomez.

Furthermore, the latter will close this event with a concert on January 11 in the theater of the National Fine Arts Museum, where Hevia will perform as a guest.

The name of this edition, ‘Angel y Habanera’, is taken from the title of one of Hevia’s songs, who created the event in order to draw attention to the music of prominent women artists from Cuba and abroad.


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