Fidel’s ideas, now more necessary than ever

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With moving images, music by Cuban singer-song writer Silvio Rodríguez, and remarks by National Prize for History winner Dr. Eduardo Torres Cuevas, the workshop The Strategic Thought of Fidel Castro Ruz: International Relations and Foreign Policy was inaugurated November 23.

The event focused on an in-depth exploration the ideology of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution in the run up to the first anniversary of his passing.

The encounter featured a main conference presided by Torres Cuevas, also president of the Cuban Academy of History and director of the José Martí National Library of Cuba, as well as two panel discussions on Fidel’s thought.

Speaking before attendees the Cuban academic stated that “Fidel’s thought is now more necessary than ever.”

He warned of the threat posed to humanity given the current state of the world, where a culture of consumerism tends to be encouraged over the history of the peoples.

In this regard, he addressed three key issues linked to the work and thought of the Cuban revolutionary, statesman and politician.

Firstly, the fact that, together with Lenin, Fidel is the most anti-dogmatic and intelligent figure of his time, with a special ability to deconstruct and transform his country’s reality.

Secondly, his understanding of the importance of unity and collective struggle toward achieving a common goal; which gave socialism its humanist character and produced solidary men and women of science.

Lastly, Torres Cuevas highlighted Martí’s influence on the thought of the Comandante en Jefe, whose ideas served as a guide and example.

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