Fidel Castro’s Light Illuminates Here, Now, Says Canadian Writer

By Deisy Francis Mexidor Havana, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) When the world witnesses so many scandalous and violent aggressions, all led by the United States and its allies, we can see today the validity of Fidel Castro’s light, said Canadian writer Arnold August.

Fidel is with us in every corner of the planet, when we think, write or participate in activism, said to Prensa Latina via email the also journalist and lecturer based in Montreal on occasion of the 92nd birthday of the Cuban revolutionary leader on August 13.

August, who has published three books on the Caribbean island, recalled that throughout his life Fidel Castro (1926-2016) was consistent with his ideas: ‘until his physical death he radiated internationalism and not a day went by without him analyzing and alerting about the international situation, the aggressions and the necessary resistance of the peoples.’

‘I think that in all continents the personality of the Commander is synonymous with internationalism, that is the reason why Cuba, or more specifically the Cuban Revolution, is totally identified with internationalism,’ he added.

I imagine what Fidel would tell us if he were with us in these times, commented August when denouncing that ‘only in the last week in Yemen, the United States-Saudi Arabia coalition backed by Canada and other countries murdered 92 children.’

I think of Fidel because he raised his voice so hard for the Palestinian people and I see that the genocide continues, a Palestinian child dies every three days; I think about him because he warned about the dangers that would beset the progressive governments of Latin America and we are witness to what is happening, he stressed.

‘The United States participated in the attack against the Constitutionally-elected President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and it is behind the aggressive and violent activities in Nicaragua trying to destroy Daniel Ortega’s government’, he added.

Looking further south, the Canadian writer pointed to Brazil, where ‘Washington used the dog-whistle diplomacy of Democrat Barack Obama in support of the parliamentary coup against President Dilma Rousseff and now Republican Donald Trump is using the same approach to imprison Lula (Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva).’

‘These are concrete situations that I’m sure would capture Fidel’s attention and we would have had more than one of the wise reflections of the Commander,’ said August after insisting that he impregnated the Cuban Revolution with this ‘Fidel’s personality that lasts beyond his physical life and is currently more palpable than ever.’

Millions in that small country exclaim ‘I am Fidel’ and Cuba vibrates with that feeling among the youth, in work centers, in the neighborhoods and the press, said the Canadian intellectual.

For August, that man of universal thought knew how to prepare a whole people to give continuity to the process started in 1959. ‘The current Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, is an example of this. He represents the new generation that follows on the path of the historical leadership!’

He added that on Fidel’s birthday on August 13 -which also indicated the beginning of the Cuban popular consultation to prepare the second draft of the new Constitution- an important quality of the Commander came to his mind.

The young Fidel, from the steps of the University of Havana -where he studied- to the Sierra Maestra, and then on his way to the triumph, put into practice that a revolution cannot take place, be sustained and improved without full and active participation of the people, he stressed.

Therefore, ‘all this consultation until November 15 and then the referendum on February 24, 2019, will be a testimony of the necessary union with the masses, which is part of his legacy.’

And if you asked me why Fidel is still alive, ‘I would answer that not only for his ideas, but also because they are being enriched in practice, and that brings him to us here and now in new conditions and in a complex situation of the Cuban history,’ August concluded.

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