Fidel Castro is more alive than ever, French association states


Paris, Dec 8 (Prensa Latina) Fidel Castro lives in the January 1, 1959, Revolution and the struggles for the just causes of the Latin American peoples and the world, the France-based Cuba Linda Association said in Paris on Sunday.

‘Three years after Fidel’s death and despite the vultures who expected that the socialist Revolution would disappear with him, Cuba’s stance remains clear, alongside the peoples for their welfare, sovereignty and self-determination, and denouncing imperialism, its dirty wars and interfering maneuvers,’ Rose-Marie Lou, the association’s political director, told Prensa Latina.

On behalf of the association, founded in 1998 to foster ties between France and Cuba, the activist insisted on the legacy of the historic leader of the Revolution and his inspiring presence in the Cuban people.

We recall the Cuban people’s commitment to continuing Fidel Castro’s work of dignity and solidarity with other peoples of the world, an immense work that progresses and multiplies in the light of attacks and slanders spread by the media, she stressed. Lou highlighted the Cubans’ resistance to the criminal blockade that tries to asphyxiate them.

Cuba is still standing as an example for the peoples of the world, and its people, along with the government headed by Miguel Diaz-Canel, follow the path outlined by Fidel with eagerness and commitment, she said.

The Cuba Linda Association reiterated its support for the Revolution and the ‘pride of being on its side and continue to denounce the West’s lies and achieve the lifting of the illegal and genocidal blockade.’

‘As we said in early November to 1,500 participants in the anti-imperialist meeting held in Havana, Fidel lives, the struggle continues,’ Lou said.


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