FAO Highlights Cuba’s Recognition to Right to Food

Havana, Aug 31 (Prensa Latina) The representative of the FAO in Cuba, Marcelo Resende, pointed out today that the Right to Food is explicitly recognized as a guarantee for all in the new Constitution Draft in Cuba.

Every father and mother would like to bring to the world a child for whom hunger is not a concern, the official of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) pointed out in his opinion column.

‘Each person has the right to be born, complete their day and go to bed without being hungry. Achieving it is possible and the first step on that path is called Political Will. To that name I would add a surname: Real,’ Resende adds in his article entitled ‘From will to guarantee: a dream that walks to the right.’

According to the FAO representative, the right to food should also be translated into a citizen’s guarantee to bring us closer to this Zero Hunger world, which this United Nations organization reiterates is possible.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, about a dozen countries have the Right to Food recognized in their Constitution, says Resende in his opinion column.

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