Failure of US Policy on Cuba Highlighted in Russia

Moscow, Jan 19 (Prensa Latina) As has happened in all stages of the Cuban Revolution, the policy of pressure and blockade on Cuba has been unsuccessful, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov said on Saturday.

As has happened in other stages in the history of the Cuban Revolution, the current period of escalated US pressure and the efforts to damage the people of Cuba and its government are also unsuccessful, he commented.

The US policy is crumbling and the efforts to change the course of history are doomed, the Russian diplomat said in statements to Prensa Latina.

In addition, Cuba and the Cuban government write the history that today involves large-scale plans to update the socio-economic development system of the country and to continue the effort of its stance in the world, he noted.

Cuba is an authority in all corners and regions of our planet, Riabkov pointed out.

Cuba’s word is very valuable and we are close, we are shoulder and shoulder with solidarity, with mutual support, that is the main heritage of Cuban-Russian relations and we will multiply it, he underlined.

Regarding the situation in Venezuela, Riabkov said that another socio-political machination by the United States and, unfortunately, by other countries, is observed, but Venezuela is not a test field, it is not a place for that kind of experiment, he noted.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his government were elected legitimately, all procedures that were related to that were supervised thoroughly, he recalled.

Therefore, this current effort, with support from foreign sponsors, to create parallel powers, is very alarming, he pointed out.

We support Venezuela’s legitimate power, we consider that any affair can be, and must be solved, by means of domestic dialogue and the search for practical and concrete solutions to those problems that the country can face, Riabkov added.

Any other path leads nowhere, it is the path of destabilization and, of course, any efforts of foreign interference, especially a military aggression, must be completely ruled out, he stated.

We speak about that at all contacts with our counterparts in the international arena, including the United States, and we say it publicly: Russia’s support for Venezuela is unconditional and it will not change, Riabkov emphasized.

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