Facing Aggressions, Venezuela Thanks World Solidarity

Caracas, May 11 ( Prensa Latina) President Nicolas Maduro thanked Friday the demonstrations of solidarity expressed by people and governments all over the world in favor of the revolutionary cause in Venezuela against imperialist aggressions perpetrated by the United States.

During the closing ceremony of the World Meeting for African Descendent People’s rights, Maduro urged the international community to increase support towards Venezuela to the lunges orchestrated by Washington which have increased since Donald Trump assumed the presidency.

‘We are a humble people who want to live in peace and we have overcome manipulation for two decades,’ the Venezuelan leader said in his speech.

Maduro also recounted the aggressions supported by the American governments of George W. Bush, who planned a coup against the former president Hugo Chavez, and Barack Obama, signatory of an order which declares Venezuela as an ‘unusual and extraordinary threat’.

In 2017, ‘the current administration (Trump) accessed to power to intensify aggressions and threatens, but here we are -and will be- facing difficulties, fighting against an economic war, sanctions and a blockade, Maduro added.

Likewise, Maduro said that after the May 20 elections, targeted by US attacks which intends to ignore the results and screams out for its cancellation, Venezuela will open its horizons towards a new era of growth and social and economic prosperity.

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