Experts Predict Next US Congress to Lift Blockade Against Cuba

Washington, Dec 17.- The next US Congress is elected in November 2016, and will raise the economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba, experts predict today, mentioned by online newspaper Politico Thursday.

The publication states that the Republican opposition fades under pressure for the blockade to be lifted.

A Senate panel led by Republicans has already voted to lift a ban on travel to Cuba, while a Republican is leading promoters for a project of the House of Representatives to end privacy laws, said the newspaper, stating that many Republicans speak glowingly of the potential for economic cooperation.

Politico adds that this change comes at a time when polls show a majority of Americans, including Republican voters, is agreeing for greater commitment to the island.

It pointed out that on Wednesday a bipartisan block of the lower house announced it would launch a “Cuba Working Group” to call attention about how they can open up new opportunities for trade.

While some Republican presidential candidates oppose the steps taken by President Barack Obama, the cracks in the red group extend to promote greater linkages,

According to Sen. Jeff Flake, who always He defended the approach to the island, many of his Republican colleagues tell him privately that support the approach, but can not say so publicly.

Bill Lane, director of government relations heavy equipment maker Caterpillar, quoted by the publication, predicted Congress removed the travel ban in the coming year and that the blockade can be lifted by the next Congress.

Many Americans of the younger generation will want to travel to Cuba and considered that the current policy is a sanction against them, he said Lane.

Politico points out that many actions of minority groups opposed to change dragged little support in Congress and the theme Cuba remains absent from the election campaign.

Cuba and the United States agreed on a preliminary basis the text of a Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of regular flights between the two countries, a document signed in the coming days, reported the Embassy of the island.

In a press release circulated here by the embassy, it is stated that delegations in Havana and Washington held in Beijing the third round of technical talks on civil aviation from 14 to 16 December.(Prensa Latina)

Radio Cadena Agramonte, December 17, 2015

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