Evo Morales travels to Cuba for a medical check-up

Havana, Dec 7 (Prensa Latina) Former Bolivian president Evo Morales traveled to Cuba from Mexico yesterday for a medical check-up, as reported by Granma.

The former president’s Health Minister in exile, Gabriela Montaño, reported that in Havana Morales will be seen by the same Cuban medical team that previously treated him in Bolivia.

According to the Mexican Foreign Ministry, Morales’ visit to Cuba is ‘temporary.’

Morales arrived in Mexico in mid-November after being offered asylum following a coup in which the Bolivian Army demanded his resignation amid accusations of fraud after his triumph in the October 20 presidential elections.

In 2017, Morales was treated in Havana for a nodule in his throat. Previously, the 60-year-old former coca grower received corrective nasal surgery conducted by Cuban doctors and shortly thereafter an operation on his knees following an injury while playing soccer.

Morales governed Bolivia for almost 14 years until the coup of November 10, after which Jeanine Añez proclaimed herself interim president.

Morales was the victim of coup d’état orchestrated from the United States, with the support of the Organization of American States (OAS), which issued a report that claimed that the election process saw ‘intentional manipulation’ and ‘serious irregularities.’


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