Evo Morales reiterates the need to create truth commission

Mexico, Nov 21 (Prensa Latina) Former president of Bolivia Evo Morales reiterated today the need to create an international truth commission, in order to dispel the lies woven by the coup plotters to justify the de facto government and its crimes.

In his first tweets this Thursday, Morales indicated that ‘We are going to form a Truth Commission with international personalities to verify whether there really was fraud,’ in reference to the elections of October 20. ‘We had access to two technical reports from serious and renowned institutions that show we won in the first round,’ he added.

Morales also reported that the dictatorship of Añez, Camacho and Mesa has already caused 30 deaths and dozens of wounded due to repression by the police and armed forces. I call on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the UN to denounce and stop this massacre of indigenous brothers who ask for peace, democracy and respect for life on the streets, he posted.

At the same time, writer Paulo Coelho de Souza tweeted, ‘The G-O-L-P-E in Bolivia is coming to an end. But the con artists keep killing. The world looks the other way, but the indigenous are stronger. I hope that when the nightmare is over, the coup plotters answer for their crimes.’

Coelho de Souza is one of the world’s most widely read novelists, having sold more than 200 million books in over 150 countries, translated into 81 languages. He is one of the writers with the largest number of followers on social networks.


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