Evo Morales highlights Cuba and Venezuela’s fight against Covid-19

Evo Morales highlights Cuba and Venezuela's fight against Covid-19

La Paz, Jan 26 (Prensa Latina) Former Bolivian President Evo Morales on Tuesday highlighted the selfless struggle of Cuba and Venezuela to preserve human lives from the scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic.

On his Twitter account, Morales recalled that ‘the Cuban Revolution will produce 100 (million) doses of its vaccine against Covid-19 and the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela produces Carvativir, which neutralizes the symptoms of the disease.

He added that none of the revolutions seeks profits, but to fight for life against the pandemic.

In his tweet, the former Bolivian president referred to the recent announcement by the Cuban Government that it will produce 100 million doses of its Soberana 02 Covid-19 vaccine, developed by the Finlay Institute of Vaccines, which is also working on another product called Soberana 01.

Cuba has other vaccine candidates, named Mambisa and Abdala, which have been developed by the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center (CIGB).

In Venezuela’s case, two days ago, President Nicolas Maduro said that the country will start mass production of a national drug against Covid-19 called Carvativir, which he described as a powerful antiviral.

Maduro clarified that this Venezuelan product will also be available to the members of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America and for the world, since ‘here we think of humanity’.

Cuba and Venezuela are currently making progress in the creation of the Vaccine Bank to guarantee the immunization of people from this regional integration bloc.


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