Evo Morales denounces how the United States led the coup in Bolivia

Mexico, Nov 16 (Prensa Latina) The former president of Bolivia Evo Morales explained here how the US embassy urged the coup that overthrew his government and caused the bloodshed.

According to an interview published today by La Jornada under the title: I fell into the trap; the coup was warped at the US embassy, Evo explains that it all started with discussions to modify the constitution for a new re-election with which he did not agree.

There began a dirty war based on lies, headed by the US embassy, ??he said.

Almost two months before the elections, I summoned the head of Business of the United States embassy, ??and showed him how people with embassy positions went to some regions to blackmail rural voters.

They were told: Do not vote for Evo, do not support him, if you do not vote or support Evo, we are going to make you paved streets, and the head of Business promised they would not get into politics.

But they remained involved and spent a lot of money to blackmail all social sectors, workers and students, so they wouldn’t vote for him, Morales explained.

He said they have demonstrated with documents the new meddling abilities of the United States to act in Bolivia where the drug agency DEA is not there because they expelled it, nor other intervention and espionage, but they implemented other alternatives.

For Evo Morales it is clear that the reason for the coup is in their lithium reserves. If the name of the coup is the US embassy, ??the family name is lithium, he said.

He revealed that shortly before the presidential elections, Ivanka Trump visited the town of Purmamarca, in northwestern Argentina, bordering with Bolivia, area known as the lithium triangle, because it also encompasses Chile. The white gold triangle concentrates 75 percent of the total of that element in the world.

However, Bolivia concentrates almost all the metal that seems to be one of the most important elements for the future of the world.

We have begun to develop the lithium industry, but there are privatization policies, he says. There are also conspiracies of the great monopolies that want to take over the metal.

I consider that the coup was prepared in advance. It was a totally different blow. I really hope that it is not all the armed forces that have participated, mostly the commanders.

They use the armed forces to put bullets into the people, he denounced.

He said that after he arrived in Mexico he heard everything through messages, videos, social networks. I saw how the people organize themselves, and the red ponchos, their trajectory of struggle against colonialism, against interventionism, against militarism, is historical.

In Bolivia, what we have seen, what we have experienced is that institutions such as the Police are only at the service of oligarchic groups.

Hugo Chavez had in his time Police, Armed Forces and organized the armed militias. Who knows if some social forces are the base to become militias, or that the people also have their own organized, armed, legal group.

The people do not want the armed forces in the city, because they are complicit in the coup, he emphasized.

My worst crime is to free our people, not only in the social and cultural sphere, not only in the ideological, political part, but also in the economic sense. Bolivia’s growth surprises everyone. That is the sin that Evo has committed, he said.


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