European leagues hire ten Cuban polo players

Photo: JIT
Havana (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s National Water Polo Commission confirmed the hiring of ten of its players on payrolls of professional clubs in Italy, Spain and Hungary.

In an interview with the Jit newspaper, the head of the entity, Antonio Cruz, reported that the number increased after the recent signatures of Ivey Arroyo, José Antonio Peralta, Pedro Ponsa and Lisbet Santana in Spain, as well as Madonni Chávez in Italy.

On the negotiation process, he commented, ‘As they were inserted in clubs where we already had a presence, the process was not cumbersome. We are now waiting for them to travel, at the expense of the Covid-19 pandemic’.

Thr afore mentioned players join Giraldo Carales and Rafael Contreras, who serve on the Spanish team Waterpolo Navarra; Maylín Bernal and Cecilia Díaz present in the Hungarian tournament, and Daniuska Carrasco, current player of Italian Roma, according to the Jit press.

Likewise, the director advanced that Cuba could organize in 2021 one of the world qualifying games in the region on the way to the Fukuoka competition, Japan, agreed until now for May 2022.

Regarding the current goals, he indicated that one of them is to achieve tickets in each sex for the Central American and Caribbean Games of Panama 2022 during the qualification of the Central American and Caribbean Confederation of Swimming Fans.

A couple of years ago, the island’s water polo reached gold and silver medals at the Barranquilla 2018 regional event, despite the ‘resource limitations and cold temperatures in the pools’, Jit unfolded.


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