European Diplomat in Beirut Confident in Solution to Syrian Conflict

Beirut, Apr 23 (Prensa Latina) Ambassador of the European Union in Lebanon, Christina Lassen, expressed today hopes that an international conference in Brussels, Belgium will open the way to a political solution in Syria.

It refers to a meeting scheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday called Brussels II, to which will attend some 80 delegations which will debate on the best way to help Syrians, both those living in the country as the refugees.

The meeting will take place amid accusations against Damascus for allegedly using chemical weapons and the retaliation of bombing by the United States, France and the United Kingdom agaist positions of the nation in conflict.

That last action of three NATO members strained the possibility of finding a negotiated solution to the crisis, in the opinion of analysts.

However, the European diplomat considers the conference comes at an adequate moment and with all actors seated at the same table, she added.

‘We will have a clear message of support to the renewal of the diplomatic way to talks between Syrians, because it is essential,’ stated Lassen.

In any case, she added, the EU considers it the main way to a political solution. ‘We await with optimism, she added, that all see it is the moment to return to the negotiating table and the route to dialogue’.

The talks between the Government and the opposition are stagnant and an end of the conflict is not foreseen as it enters its eigth year and a balance of thousands of dead, wounded and 13 million displaced people.

Lebanon shelters almost a million Syrian refugees, according to stats of international organizations, although Lebanese authorities estimate them in 1.5 million, which supposes a significant pressure for infrastructure and basic services of the country.

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