Environmental Engineering, Bastion of Sustainable Development in Cuba

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Camagüey,Cuba, May 25 (Prensa Latina) The scientific potential of nuclear training allows today the Environmental Engineering Center of Camagüey (CIAC) to find practical solutions for the correct management of the natural environment in this eastern-central Cuban region.

The institution that provides technical services to companies that work in the oil platforms in the Caribbean area, according to its director, Arnaldo Dámera, actively participates in the management plans that are currently applied throughout the largest Cuban province with about 16,000 square kilometers.

‘We are linked to productive centers; we also entered as participants in a confining project for conventional chemical waste, which includes the future construction of three plants in Managua, Cienfuegos and Camagüey,’ Damera said at a press conference.

The characterization of the waste and its monitoring, the services that apply nuclear techniques to determine the erosion of the soils directed to the agriculture sector, nuclear membrane projects, and others related to nanotechnology, are also included in the CIAC agenda.

‘In agriculture and livestock in this province with such tradition for its contribution to the national economy, we intend to reduce with our studies the time of insemination of livestock,’ explained the scientist.

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