Venezuela is on the threshold of legislative elections

Caracas, Dec 5 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan society is currently on the threshold of a transcendental legislative election because of its importance for the institutional domestic overhaul and the continuity of the process of changes promoted by the Bolivarian Revolution.

Over 20,700,000 people are called to go to the polls on Sunday, December 6, to renew the National Assembly (unicameral Parliament), in an event marked by the nomination of over 14,000 candidates from a hundred political parties, most of them with an opposition tendency.

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) highlighted the plural character of the participation of the wide universe of political organizations existing in the country, evidence of the confidence in the conditions and guarantees established for the democratic exercise development.

In statements to Venezolana de Television, the head of the CNE stressed the reliability and transparency of the event based on the automation of all the stages of the voting process, each one of them submitted to audits and the certification of the parties’ technicians and experts and observation entities.

Alfonzo also reported on the participation in the legislative elections of around 200 international observers, including officials from electoral bodies, political personalities and technical missions from several regions of the world.

Venezuelans will elect 277 legislators, who on January 5 will take office in the renewed National Assembly, an organ in contempt during a good part of the previous legislature due to the confrontational posture and lack of knowledge of the other branches of government assumed by a dominant sector of the extreme right.

However, in the middle of the week, the parliamentary elections took on an additional connotation since the decision announced by President Nicolas Maduro to abandon the presidency of the Republic in case of the opposition’s victory.

‘I leave my destiny in the hands of the Venezuelan people; if on Sunday the opposition parties win, we will take another path,’ Maduro affirmed during a political act, in which he expressed his confidence in the sectors’ awareness akin to the Bolivarian Revolution to ensure victory at the polls.

‘I take on this challenge, we know that the people will cast their vote and we will have a triumph of the Bolivarian Revolution,’ noted the Venezuelan president, who called to recover the parliament from the hands of the right to put it at the service of the nation’s interests.

Likewise, Maduro rejected the US interference and its international allies when trying to boycott the development of the electoral process, as well as the pretensions of dismissing the results coming from the ballot boxes, in order to reduce the legitimacy of the vote and maintain the pressure for a change of regime in the country.


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