Energy Meeting Ends in Cuba

Havana, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) A meeting of experts and investors on energy concludes today at a Havana hotel, with the expectation of developing the energy sector on the island.

The Summit on Energy and Infrastructure in Cuba brought together representatives from 14 Latin American and European countries, in order to better understand the potential for investment in the country.

The event explored the island’s energy matrix from both a technological and social viewpoint.

Several exhibitors explained to the visitors the particularities of the national energy system and stated that one of Cuba’s immediate objectives was to decrease energy dependence, reduce costs and increase supply security.

The director of Renewable Energy at the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the island, Rosell Guerra, explained the outlook of the nation and the investment in facilities.

Guerra said his country was committed to sustainable development and has an appropriate policy for the development of renewable energy sources; energy efficiency is also a priority.

‘The nation aims to achieve a 24 percent share of electricity production from renewable energy sources by 2030. At present, it is just a little over four percent, he said.

Among the issues discussed at the meeting were the type of renewable energy sources essential for the country, such as wind energy, solar energy and biofuel from sugarcane and non-sugar biomass.

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