Endorsed friendship ties between Cuba and Africa in online concert

Havana, Jul 27 (Prensa Latina) The virtual initiative Africa and the World thanks Cuba endorsed yesterday, Sunday, the historic ties between Cuba and the continent, on the Day of National Rebellion.

During its last day, the cultural action exhibited a series of snapshots that reflected the close friendship between the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, and the recognized leaders José Eduardo dos Santos and Nelson Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

The exhibition showed the Cuban leader’s meetings with civil rights defenders Malcolm X and Angela Davis, as well as the American boxer Muhammad Ali, considered one of the best of all times.

From the dance, the National Folkloric Ensemble of Cuba dignified the traditions and rites that date back to the colonial era, when the African slaves bequeathed their deities to the popular culture of the nation before the scourge of the European colonizers.

Likewise, singer-songwriter Alex Cuba contributed his talent alongside renowned pianist Ignacio ‘Nachito’ Herrera, both Cubans living in Canada and the United States.

The international singing was joined by the musicians KaBa Soul ( USA) and Faytinga (Eritrea), who represented the sound heritage of R&B and the songs of the Kunama ethnic group, respectively.

As part of the concert, American producer and composer Eric Roberson supported the fight against racism promoted by the Black Lives Matter movement, while students from Duke Ellington School performed musical pieces in honor of Cuba’s solidarity.


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