Emotional farewell letter to the Cuban medical brigade in Andorra

Madrid, June 30 (Prensa Latina) Xavier Miquel, director of Panorama hotel, which for three months housed in Andorra the Cuban medical brigade dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, on Tuesday praised the unusual guests´ qualities.

‘Three months have passed since your arrival in Andorra. They were dates of great uncertainty, of great concern, and why not say it, of fear in the face of the serious health crisis affecting not only Andorra, but also the vast majority of countries around the world,’ Miquel said.

‘We volunteered to provide them with accommodation and be as home for all these Cuban doctors and health workers who undoubtedly the Andorran government managed to contribute to fighting the pandemic,’ the executive stressed in a letter.

Xavier Miquel confessed on his open letter to the members of the International Contingent Henry Reeve that they did so without fear.

‘Because we knew, like you also, that we were going to be exposed to a great health risk. But we did it proud for doing our bit to the commendable task that you came here to carry out in the front line,’ he stated.

On behalf of and representing the entire staff of the Panorama Hotel in Andorra, Miquel said that they were extremely pleased the Andorran people welcomed the 39 health professionals with the Cuban anthem, songs, by showing their love and gratitude.


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