Electrified Houses with Photovoltaic Panels in Cuba

Ciego de Avila, Cuba, Dec 17 (Prensa Latina) To electrify with photovoltaic solar panels 560 isolated houses in this central province is now a strategy of the Cuban state to benefit families living in places that are difficult to reach.

Eduardo Serpa, director of investments of the electric company in Ciego de Avila, stated that the purpose is to raise the standard of living of people in places where it is impossible to bring the network of the National Electroenergetic System.

He pointed out that the use of solar energy is a clean way to produce electricity with great impact on the environment, as well as being a cheaper method.

In Cuba, the use of photovoltaic energy has reached the isolated communities for its use in the rural schools, health centers and television rooms, mainly in the mountainous areas of the east and center of the island.

For several years the country has been working to promote the use of renewable energy sources, mainly the use of biogas, wind and solar energy, hydropower, biomass and others.


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