ELAM graduates in Honduras praise Cuban medicine

Tegucigalpa, Sep 23 (Prensa Latina) Honduras is one of the many countries that currently has doctors graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), whose passing for that Cuban institution is remembered as one of the best stages of their lives.

Ana Garrigo and Nelson Sanchez are two doctors who praised the human and ethical values of medicine that is practiced and taught in Cuba, as they could personally experience when they studied at the ELAM, located west of Havana.

Garrigo also expressed her support so that the Nobel Peace Prize is granted to the ‘Henry Reeve’ Cuban Medical Contingent, from which she was a member ‘because we were also trained as internationalist doctors, we returned to each of our countries to work and deliver knowledge they gave us at ELAM.’

Dr. Sanchez highlighted how Cuba carries out its health programs despite ‘a strong US-imposed economic blockade that does not allow it access to technology, essential products, and prevents it from trading freely with other countries.’

Both doctors also referred to the important role played by the ‘Henry Reeve’ medical brigade, which collaborated from April to August to fight Covid-19 in this Central American territory.


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