Effective Use of Diabetic Foot Treatment in Cuban Province

Ciego de Avila, Cuba, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) Dedicated work by specialists at primary health-care units in this city has led to a decrease in the number of amputations due to ulcers caused by the diabetic foot syndrome, using Heberprot-P to treat it.

Maria Antonieta Tunon, national promoter of biomedical products for the Center of Genetic Engineering, told the news agency Prensa Latina that Ciego de Avila was among the five best Cuban provinces, because it met the treatment standards.

‘The work here is very good. There is interaction among angiologists, nurses and podiatrists, a team excellently prepared to apply the medicine at the 21 primary health-care centers in the whole provincial territory,’ she said.

According to Doctor Javier Borroto, coordinator of the program in the province, they applied Heberprot-P to 669 patients with diabetic-foot ulcers and only 14 people had to undergo amputation due to complications of the disease.

He said this product is applied on serious lesions, the number of which has decreased due to constant censuses in communities, an action that allows early detection of the disease and quick application of this replacement therapy.

All health units in Ciego de Avila, around 430 kilometers east from Havana, have offices for all those who suffer from non-complex ulcers are able to access the treatment for free by a well-trained personnel.

Heberprot-P is a Cuban medicine, one of its kind in the world to treat that disease and is very effective, because it is a recombinant tissue-growth factor, said Borroto, who is a specialist in Angiology and Vascular Surgery.


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