Ecuador’s movement describes Cuba as an example of dignity

Quito, Jan 19 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador’s coordinator of the Friendship and Solidarity with Cuba Movement described on Tuesday the country as an example of dignity, justice and light in the fight for the defense of its sovereignty.

The entity expressed its position through a pronouncement disclosed on social networks, in which it highlighted Cuba’s reciprocity and help to nations despite the US economic, financial and commercial blockade for over six decades.

In that regard, the movement reiterated its position condemning the US interfering policies, especially the recent attacks from Washington, in the last days of the Trump administration.

‘We state our resounding disagreement and rejection to the smothering attacks of Donald Trump, outgoing US president, for having catalogued again the worthy people of Cuba as a sponsor of terrorism,’ the organization assures.

Likewise, it pointed out that since the attacks against the Twin Towers in New York, in 2001, the US executive unleashed terror and took the war to different places in the world, by means of external aggressions and a countless number of actions and crimes against humanity, which it perpetrated on the basis of lies, intrigues and betrayals.

‘Paradoxically, Washington pretends to give lessons of morality and democracy, when in its own country it has a president who does not know its own democracy, does not respect its laws and wants to continue governing in spite of being defeated in the last elections,’ the movement’s coordinator emphasizes.

In the organization’s document issued on social networks, signed by Milton Chamorro, president of the solidarity movement, the leader insists that Cuba and its people are an example of international solidarity and humanism towards all the countries worldwide, regardless of ideological or political differences or forms of government.

In particular, the press release highlights the work done by Cuban medical brigades, deployed in many parts of the world to help fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘We join Cuba in its defense, we express our unbreakable solidarity and we ratify our affection and admiration to the Cuban people and its achievements,’ the the Ecuadorian Movement’s text concludes.

The show of support was added to other messages of accompaniment to Cuba, coming from social organizations, intellectuals, politicians and citizens in general from Ecuador.


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