Drums Roll in Cuba for Legendary Ballerina Alicia Alonso

Havana, Dec 28 (Prensa Latina) Legendary Cuban ballerina Alicia Alonso danced today with her feet during a drum roll offered to her in a Havana street known as Hamel Alley.

From a handicraft chair, the Cuban artist of planetary relevance, at 96 years old, marked the rhythm of the drums with her feet elegantly crossed but without stop moving them, while a group of folklore dancers interpreted Yoruba themes.

Who does not know or has heard about Alicia Alonso? questioned Salvador Gonzalez, creator of the first mural painting on a Street dedicated to that Afrocuban Culture.

This woman has made the world tremble with her dancing, emphasized the painter, sculptures created from recycled objects like bathtubs, motors, tires and pieces of machinery, among others.

Most of his creations are associated to Afrocuban works and rites and to receive Alonso, Gonzalez made one more piece, a great silver key kept in a wooden box painted with lively colors and a great eye in the middle of the box cover.

According to his explanation, the eye symbolizes protection in many cultures so as to move away bad energies.

So for the first time was given the Key to the Hamel Alley in Cuba to Alonso who also received the condition of Distinguished Daughter of that place, recognized as one of the tourism attractions of Havana and stage of artistic presentations every weekend.

The groups Rumba Morena and Los Ibeyis characterized in their drums and dances some of the deities of the Yoruba religion such as Eleggua, Shangó, Oshun, Obatalá and Oyá, among others, with their dresses, typical colors and bare feet.

This has moved me greatly and I am at a loss to speak because when I feel something, I show it with my body, confessed Alonso, but those present had seen this through her feet, those who covered her with glory in world stages.

To say goodbye, the present director of the National Ballet of Cuba wished everyone a long life and several persons on the Street responded with shouts of a typical word of Afrocuban culture associated with luck and energy: Ashé.


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