Dominican Force of the Revolution party greets Cuba

Dominican Force of the Revolution party greets Cuba

Santo Domingo, Jan 1 (Prensa Latina) The Dominican Force of the Revolution party greeted Cubans on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution on Friday.

In a press release published in this capital, this political party pointed out, On the 62nd anniversary, Cuba withstands and triumphs! The exploits of the Revolution on January 1, 1959, already turned 62. Force of the Revolution congratulates, salutes, and admires the protagonists of this tremendous event.

It also expressed that Cuba is still firm so many years later, despite attacks, an inhumane boycott, the assassination attempts against Fidel Castro and a colossal distortion and smear campaign conducted by the most powerful and global misinformation outlets under US control.

The Cuban Revolution is the only socialist one that stands with dignity in Latin America, amid a crisis that is shaking the world, as a result of warmongering actions trying to curb the diminished hegemony of US imperialism, the press release added.

Finally, Force of the Revolution expressed, ‘We, the peoples who have received Cuba’s support and solidarity in our social misfortunes and fights, must intensify the campaigns against the blockade and to defend the right of the Cuban people to live in peace, cooperation and integrated to the international community without restrictions.’

May the Communist Party of Cuba and its people receive this greeting as a token of empathy and continuous friendship, because we will also achieve a socialist and just society, inclusively democratic and at the service of humanity’s best causes, it concluded.


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