Diaz-Canel holds US responsible for unrest in Latin America

Havana, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel held the United States and the region’s reactionary oligarchies responsible for the current political and social instability in Latin America, with popular protests in several countries against neoliberalism.

The Cuban president also noted on social media that his country does not obey sanctions, threats, or slander by the US government.

‘We do not obey sanctions, threats, or slander by the US government, which along with the reactionary oligarchies are primarily responsible for the dangerous unrest and instability in our region,’ Diaz-Canel posted on Twitter.

The president supported a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a few hours earlier, which denounced the recent slander from Washington with the aim of increasing hostility against the Cuban people.

In the text entitled ‘Our America faced with the onslaught of Imperialism and the oligarchies,’ Havana rejected the US accusation about its supposed responsibility for the widespread demonstrations in Latin American, and considered it an excuse to justify and tighten the blockade and hostility against the Cuban people.

Diaz-Canel affirmed that Cuba’s only responsibility is that of the example of its people in the defense of their sovereignty, in the resistance against aggressions, and in the practice of solidarity and cooperation with Latin American and the Caribbean nations.


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