Diaz-Canel highlights how media campaign on Cuba was brought down

Havana, Feb 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted on Saturday the island’s denunciation of a political and media campaign against its judicial system, following the arrest of counter-revolutionary and criminal Daniel Ferrer.

On Twitter, the Cuban president posted a link to Granma newspaper that reviews a special report aired on national television on Friday evening, which shows how US television channels, social media, politians and the secretary of the Organization of American States manipulate the information to present as victim someone who is a violent criminal.

The report shows how Ferrer bangs his head against a table to self-inflict wounds and then blames one of the guards.

It adds that for some time evidence and testimonies have been coming up that once again unmask the counterrevolutionary, provided not only from residents in Cuba, but also in the United States.

The 10-minute audiovisual material presented testimonies by Cubans living in the United States and others on the island confirming Ferrer’s guilt in acts of aggression against people he is accused of, and in other crimes.

Evidence was also presented of Ferrer paying people to post false reports of mistreatment, allegedly committed by law enforcement, on social media.

The video shows that Ferrer is facing a trial with all the guarantees for the attack against the citizen Sergio Garcia, and he is also offered a humane treatment.

It also denounces his links with Ana Olema, who is accused of financing acts of vandalism against busts of National Hero Jose Marti in Havana.


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