Diaz-Canel Highlights Achievements in Child’s health, collaboration

Havana, Jan 4 (Prensa Latina) Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted this Friday some of the achievements in the Island in health, especially the infant mortality rate and the 35th anniversary of the family doctor and nurse program.

In his Twitter account, the president lamented the current global situation regarding child care and compared it to the achievements in Cuba in the year just ended. It is sad that one million children do not fulfill their first day of life due to preventable causes all over the world. Cuba with the best rate in Latin America and the Caribbean, he wrote.

At the same time he distinguished the program of the family doctor and nurse, an initiative of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, based on preventive medicine.

In fact, this program, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary today, has more than 10,800 medical offices, a total of 449 polyclinics and 785 Basic Working Groups (GBT).

Considered a strategic axis of the national health system, one of its priorities is the care of the mother and child, whose main achievement in 2018 was to reach an infant mortality rate of 4.0 per thousand born alive, an indicator that in more than a decade reaches values below five.

In another message on the same social network, the president highlighted Cuba’s medical collaboration work in other parts of the planet and its extension to places that are difficult to access.

Our respect and solidarity with sister nations, in which more than 347,700 Cuban doctors and health workers have worked, many of them in remote and difficult places, he wrote.

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