Diaz-Canel Condemns U.S. Economic War against Venezuela

Havana, Mar 12 ( Prensa Latina ) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel repudiated Tuesday the economic and financial war the U.S. government is conducting against Venezuela and recognized the people” courage in the face of every aggression.

The United States harasses Venezuela with a ruthless economic and financial war and a dirty unconventional war, but the Bolivarian people do not bow down and the empire is furious because it goes failure after failure. We condemn the aggression against Venezuela’, the Head of State wrote on Twitter @DiazCanelB.

The President, on Monday, rejected the sabotage of Venezuela’s electricity system, which he said was part of the U.S. escalation against the South American country.

Cuba condemns the terrorist sabotage of Venezuela’s electricity system. It is part of the escalation in the unconventional U.S. war against that brother country. It deprives the population of basic services indispensable for life, he posted on the social media.

Through these messages, the President reiterated Cuba’s position against Washington’s aggressiveness towards the Venezuelan people and its government, headed by Nicolas Maduro.

In a statement, Cuba stressed that the sabotage of the Venezuelan electric service constitutes a terrorist act to harm the population and use it as a hostage in the unconventional U.S. war against Maduro and the Venezuelan civil-military union.


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