Díaz-Canel attends homage to Fidel Castro at the University of Havana

cubanew/acn 26 November 2020

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 26 (ACN) The President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, led the political-cultural evening held this Wednesday night on the steps of the University of Havana in homage to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, on the fourth anniversary of his physical disappearance.

To the University steps, witness of so many battles and where -Fidel always said it- he became a revolutionary, the grateful returned, not to regret his absence nor to remember his departure, but to celebrate his extraordinary life, to honor his imperishable example and legacy and to reaffirm him present and multiplied in millions.

Here we are today and we will always be, multiplying his strength and truth; this is not a tribute to an absent hero nor a posthumous tribute loaded with pain or sadness, it is a demonstration of life, said José Ángel Fernández Castañeda, president of the Cuban University Student Federation (FEU).

He recalled that “I am Fidel!” that sprouted from the people’s soul when they gave him a farewell, as an oath of fidelity, and added that four years later “we can say that we have been Fidel and we will continue to be so, each one in his position, in his task, in his disposition to do good, for Cuba and the world”.

The speaker emphasized that the leader of the Revolution is in everyone and everywhere: there where life is fought for and Cuban doctors bring health and hope, where sweat is left in the furrow to produce the food that the people need, in every young person and student who becomes the protagonist of his time.

Children and young people sang to the Commander, in the voice and feeling of Raúl Torres they all rode with Fidel on the Hill, gratitude and love became music and verse to renew the promise of never failing him and to reaffirm the sacred commitment to the Homeland, the Revolution and the future.

The images showed him as a child, as a young man, in his University, in the Moncada, in the Sierra, the victory of January and the epic of all these years, and the poets Héctor Gutiérrez and Aramís Padilla took away from the present cheers and a long ovation, by affirming that “nobody kills Fidel, nobody buries him, he is not tonight in the Sierra, because he is in the Escalinata”.

The evening ended with a standing ovation to the Comandante and that “Cuba, how beautiful is Cuba”, which has gone around the world, as well as a no less combative and emotionally charged day, which reached the entire nation, because there is not an inch of this land where that giant has not left an indelible mark.

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