Despite US Blockade, Cuba doesn’t Give Up Tourist Development

Havana, Jun 26 (Prensa Latina) Despite the tightening of the US blockade, Cuba does not give up its plan to develop the tourism sector, an authorized source said.

According to the general director for Development at the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), Jose Reinaldo Daniel, new tactics are being implemented to minimize the impact of the measures taken by the administration of President Donald Trump.

The official’s statements came at the Seminar on Tourism and Journalism, which is being held until Friday at the Jose Marti International Journalism Institute in Havana.

Compared to last year, some 600,000 US holidaymakers will not visit Cuba in 2019, so that decrease in tourist arrivals must be compensated with other commercial strategies, he said.

We are weighing opening commercial offices in countries where there are none at present to reach out both wholesale tour operators and retail companies, Daniel explained.

We need to explore new markets such as Russia and China, he noted.

In light of the US sanctions, the official noted that a new review of the tourism development program is underway in order to prioritize and allocate resources appropriately.

However, the development projects in the tourism sector will not be stopped, he added.

At the end of May, Cuba had been visited by 2.285 million holidaymakers, nearly half of the 5.1 million tourists expected to visit the country this year.

The Seminar on Tourism and Journalism is being attended by more than 60 journalists from a dozen countries, including Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.


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