Demostrators Hold Meeting against Blockade at US Congress

WASHINGTON, Sep 26, 2018.- The Fourth Day Against the US Blockade Against Cuba continues today with its presence in the US Congress, where activists already participated in meetings Tuesday to express themselves in favor of the end of that policy.

Those who take part in the solidarity action held talks yesterday with Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass, who on Monday attended a meeting between Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, and US lawmakers, which was held in the island’s Permanent Mission to the UN. The representative from California shared her perspective on the midterm elections to be held in this country in November and what it could mean for future relations between Cuba and the United States.

According to the organizers of the day, which is held in Washington DC from February 24 to 28, some of the appointments in the legislature were arranged to reach representatives who currently show little or no interest in improving relations with Cuba.

In that sense, they said that they chose not to limit themselves to meetings with congressmen friends of Cuba, but also to make it clear to those who are not that the feeling of the great majority of the US people is to end the blockade and to fight for the peace and friendship with the island.

In the meetings with representatives or members of their teams, participated the US doctors Eduardo Alvarado and Elizabeth Arnold, graduates of the Latin American School of Medicine (Elam) in Cuba.

I felt the commitment to come in gratitude to the Cuban people, to their government, said the young man from Oakland, California, who also referred to the meeting held last Monday with students and parents at Ron Brown High School in Washington DC.Participants in that meeting, he said, were very receptive and inspired by our simple story of what it was like to receive a great gift from Cuba to be able to return to practice in our communities. (Cubavsbloqueo-Prensa Latina)

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