Decrease in Infant Mortality Caused by Cancer, a Cuban Achievement

Santiago de Cuba, Feb 12 (Prensa Latina) The clearly descending curve of children”s mortality due to cancer is on Tuesday one of the main achievements of the comprehensive cancer control program, said Dr. Agustin Lage, a scientist linked to this strategy.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the director of the Center for Molecular Immunology (CIM) indicated that every year the number of infants who die from this disease is lower, which is the result of a policy of the State and its Ministry of Public Health oriented for several years to their confrontation.

The access to sophisticated and complex medicines is another of the possibilities mentioned by the expert, who referred to the effort made for all patients to reach them, difficult aim to achieve in the midst of the financial limitations of the country.

In this sense, Lage emphasized that it is vital the development and contribution of the national pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, which is absolutely involved in these purposes as one of the strengths that differentiate the Cuban situation from what happens in other places.

The scientific advisor of BioCubafarma, the main entity of the sector, referred to the markedly mercantile character of this branch in other nations, where the objective of maximizing profits leads to the marketing of very expensive products with impacts below these high expectations.

The medicine industry is mostly private in many countries, the researcher recalled when he recognized that in Cuba it is part of a health system with a social vocation and belongs to the people, an advantage that must be taken advantage of by those who work in it to maximize that virtue.

The director of the CIM said that the Cimavax-EGF, a therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer, is applied to patients in a clinical trial in the state of New York, as there is a first agreement with a cancer institute in that nation and steps are being taken for a joint venture for these tests.

A lengthening of survival was the fundamental balance of this formula highlighted by Lage, who also pointed to the operation of a monoclonal antibody factory in China in order to generate resources for the national health system.


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