Day of deeds and memories at Havana’s International Book Fair

Havana, Feb 15 (Prensa Latina) Today will be marked by deeds and memories at Havana’s International Book Fair, Cuba 2020, when books on the Vietname War will be launchedin.

On Saturday, the great literary event will launch ‘Relatos de Guerra de Vietnam Heroico’ (War Stories from Heroic Vietnam) by journalist Marta Rojas and diplomat Raul Valdes Vivo, who lived the intensity of one of the bloodiest conflicts in history after World War II.

‘Relatos …’ will be presented at the Alejo Carpentier Hall in Havana’s Morro-Cabaña Park, the main venue of the fair that will conclude on Sunday.

The books ‘Vietnam y las Fantasias Norteamericanas’ (Vietnam and American Fantasies) and ‘Vietnam, Siglos de Heroismo’ (Vietnam, Centuries of Heroism) by researchers H. Bruce Franklin and Jose Ramon Rodriguez Torres, will be launched in the same hall.

Another important moment will be the presentation of ‘Guerra del Pueblo. Ejercito del Pueblo’ (People’s War. People’s Army), by legendary Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap, who was was a hero from the Vietnam wars against France and the United States.

In other areas of the Morro-Cabaña complex, fairgoers will be able to learn about books such as ‘Hugo Chavez y el Destino de un Pueblo’ (Hugo Chavez and the Destiny of a People); ‘Tina Modotti, Angel de la Calle’ (Tina Modotti, Angel of the Street); and the interesting research ‘El Asesinato de Julio Antonio Mella: Informes Cruzados entre Mexico y Cuba’ (The Assassination of Julio Antonio Mella: Crossed Reports between Mexico and Cuba).

Meanwhile, the Cultural Project ‘Nuestra Historia y el Internacionalismo’ proposes the books ‘La Guerra Sucia contra Cuba (The Dirty War against Cuba) and Heroinas de Angola (Heroines of Angola), while the award-giving ceremony of the National History Prize will take place at 16:00 hours, local time, at the Nicolas Guillen Hall.

The International Book Fair will conclude on Sunday, February 16, after 10 days of activities during which more than 200 guests from 44 nations participated, including Vietnam as a guest of honor.

After the event concludes in Havana, it will begin its journey through the rest of Cuba until April 12, in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba.


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