Danish lawmakers condemn US aggressions against Cuba

Danish lawmakers condemn US aggressions against Cuba

Copenhagen, Feb 19 (Prensa Latina) Lawmakers of the Danish Red-Green Alliance party on Friday condemned the US blockade against Cuba and demanded the exclusion of the country from a list of those sponsoring terrorism published during the Trump administration.

Parliamentarians Christian Juhl, Soren Sondergaard and Bruno Jerup denounced the US aggressions against Cuba, and asked Denmark’s Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod to speak out against Washington’s policy.

‘We urge FM Kofod to reject Cuba’s inclusion in such a list, and to work actively so that the US economic, commercial and financial blockade comes to an end,’ refers a communiqué sent by the politicians to local press media.

Likewise, the text describes as unreasonable the accusations and attacks by the United States against Cuba, as well as the actions promoted by the White House to damage its economic development.


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