Culture and politics foster changes in Cuba-US relations

Havana, Jul 19 (Prensa Latina) The call to lift the US economic blockade against Cuba and to recognize the Caribbean nation’s health personnel with Nobel Peace Prize are the focus of today’s speeches by some activists, politicians, artists and intellectuals from around the world.

Dozens of renowned figures from the United States, Canada, Europe and Africa joined the online Concert for Cuba, an initiative by the Chicago Hot House and supported by the Cuban Music Institute and the Ministry of Culture.

In this regard, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez highlighted on Twitter the fact that US and Cuban musicians raised their voices to pay tribute to Cuban doctors, and ratified their stance against the US economic blockade.

US filmmaker Michael Moore, on the other hand, expressed his admiration for the Cuban health professionals, who amid this Covid-19 pandemic are traveling around the world to provide medical assistance to those who need it, and called to pay tribute to them.

Hopefully, the abuses against Cuba will end soon. For now let’s enjoy music and let’s not forget our duty with the citizens around of the world. To offer some help in times of need as the Cuban health professionals have done, Moore stressed.

Likewise, US actor and singer David Soul highlighted that, amid a critical situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Cuban doctors have been the first to respond to and fight the pandemic, as they did during the Ebola outbreak in Africa. They are always ready to help whoever needs them.

Meanwhile, US Congressman Danny Davis called for normalizing relations between the two nations, and pointed out that there is so much to learn from Cuba, its culture, its education. ‘Let’s be open, we are going to open our hearts to our Cuban neighbors,’ he said.

For his part, US actor Danny Glover expressed his admiration for the Cuban health personnel and recalled their work after the earthquake in Pakistan, in the poor neighborhoods of Venezuela, and now fighting the pandemic.

Susfest Director Alfredo Caxaj said that Cuba has made great contributions to humanity, for example, with its music and with its health contributions, that’s why, amid this pandemic, we must be together to express solidarity with Cuba and its people.

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