Cuba’s Youth Pay Homage to Late Revolutionary Fidel Castro

Schoolchildren commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Cuba

Schoolchildren commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Cuba’s late president Fidel Castro in Havana. | Photo: Reuters

Nov 25 (Telesur) The youth of Cuba have come together in an evening of cultural activities across the Caribbean island to commemorate the first anniversary of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro’s death.

The Union of Communist Youth organized the “political-cultural evening” marking the “physical death” of El Comandante.

Televised footage of the event showed vast crowds gathered in the capital Saturday night, with students and other youths amassed on the steps of the prestigious University of Havana.

The celebrations, which included a public concert, marked the passage of a year since the man who liberated Cuba — holding onto power for 52 years and 52 days — was pronounced dead at the age of 90.

Medical students from Cuba’s Federación de Estudiantes de la Enseñanza Media (FEEM) told local radio station Radio Rebelde: “We know well that preserving our socialist project is to keep Fidel’s legacy in our hearts.”

And the station itself posted on Twitter: “Your smile and your virtue did not go out, because in our youth your ideals are immortalized. The Cuban people will win, always, with the guidance of their historic leader, our #FidelCastro.”

The evening’s celebrations, which included an appearance by revered Cuban actor Alden Knight, ended with a performance by Duani Ramos and his group Moncada, who spoke of peace, ideas and Cuba’s lasting legacy.

On social media, tributes to the late revolutionary hero were simultaneously voiced across the globe. Twitter user Nyusha wrote: “One year without Fidel — the mighty & gentle force that shook the world, the one they tried and failed to assassinate 637 times — Fidel was the force that shook the world because he embodied the ordinariness of human love.”

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